Mike Hadley

“I have lived in Childrey for nearly 15 years, and what a great place to live it is. Last year Debbie Lewis-Pryde and I thought “we could do a festival in Childrey”

Childreyfest 2015 is the result of this idea. It has been great fun planning and working in this team to bring you this celebration of music, food and drink this summer. This is a chance for us all to really have some fun.

So forget Glastonbury and Cornbury, tell your friends and family and get your tickets. Saturday 4th July Childreyfest 2015 – see you there”


Debbie Lewis-Pryde

“I enjoy goin994223_10151469038590493_329011448_ng to festivals and love helping and organising local events, so combination of my experience and my passion is the perfect mix.

Its nice for childrey to have something of its own, and have something we can all look forward too. Everyone in the village always enjoys the moments we all get together for the pub quiz and the fete, so getting support for this great idea was not difficult and this team has really shown the community spirit the village has”

Jordan Lewis-Pryde



“I am studying events management at uni, so any events projects that I can get involved in I am more than happy to. I think Childrey Fest 15 will take off and you never know, could be the next Glastonbury!

When helping organise the event, I always try to keep our original objectives and goals in mind, creating something local, welcoming in other communities and showcasing musical talents.

This is going to be a really fun occasion and for many years I hope”

Ross McIvor
Ross_ChildreyFest“I am really excited to be part of the team helping with the first Childrey Festival, I have lived in the village now for nearly 7 years and over that time attended many of the great events that have been held.
 As a musician this seemed like the perfect opportunity to be able to offer something back for all those fun experiences of the last few years.
We are really lucky as the local area has a wealth of talented musicians and bands so I have no doubt the festival will be a huge success!”
Kris Dower

KrisI have recently moved in to the village and can safely say that there is nowhere else like it… it’s an amazing little community.

I love the fact that it has its own festival; ChildreyFest 2015 was my sons first festival so when we moved to Childrey in February 2017 I wanted to get involved! Hopefully my involvement will help to build upon the fantastic job that Mike, Jeremy, Debbie, Jordan and Ross have already done at the same time as helping providing an event in Childrey for people from surrounding area with local food, drink, local music and family fun for the kids.